AKA Joins AMCC Partner Program

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) has joined Applied Micro Circuits Corporation’s (NASDAQ:AMCC) Partner program. AMCC’s family of products is supported by a large and growing ecosystem of third-party hardware and software providers. AKA appears in two partner categories: Board-level Products and System Design Services. AKA’s PRISM300 couples a high-performance AMCC PowerPC core with the low cost, high-density, Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA, resulting in a 3.2×3.2in 546 pin PGA module that boasts a high level of hardware and software integration and flexibility to enable and accelerate advanced embedded system design.

Mastered by the AMCC PowerPC 440EPx, the PRISM300 offers cutting edge processor performance with speeds up to 667MHz and optional on-chip IPSec/SSL acceleration. Devices also combine a powerful complement of memory – 32MB SDRAM (FPGA), 1GB DDR2 SDRAM (processor) and 256MB NAND Flash – together with an extensive peripheral set for control, communications and data storage purposes, commonly used in communications, automotive, military, and medical applications.

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