PLDA Introduces XpressGX5LP FPGA Design Kit

PLDA XpressGX5LP FPGA design kit

PLDA introduced their XpressGX5LP FPGA design kit. It is the first FPGA-based low-profile PCI Express form factor card featuring 40Gb of Ethernet connectivity and 8 GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM. It is delivered with PLDA’s PCIe 3.0 IP and full hardware 10G TCP stack IP, specifically optimized for the Altera Stratix V FPGA. The PLDA XpressGX5LP is shipping now and will available for volume orders in Q3 2012.

The PLDA XpressGX5LP FPGA design kit offers a complete design environment for applications using PCIe and 10GbE as their main communication interfaces. The XpressGX5LP low profile board is a highly integrated, low-profile PCI Express FPGA card with quad-10Gb Ethernet (40GbE) engineered for both prototyping and field deployment. The PCIe and Ethernet architecture designed into the PLDA XpressGX5LP is ideal for high demand applications including real-time network processing and high frequency trading.

PLDA XpressGX5LP Features

  • PCI Express low-profile form factor board (half height)
  • Based on Altera Stratix V GX EP5SGXEA7K2F40C2
  • PCI Express 3.0/2.0/1.1, x1, x2, x4, x8
  • Quad 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • QSFP+ supports 10GBASE-LRM/SR/LR and 40GBASE
  • Built-in self-configure mode for 10G transceiver and QSFP+ module
  • Gigabit Ethernet over RJ45
  • Power monitoring
  • Flash Controller for FPGA
  • 2 x 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, 800Mhz, 72-bit datapath with ECC
  • 2 x 72MB RLDRAM2
  • 256MB Flash memory
  • Power supply through PCIe edge connector (12V and 3.3V)
  • Full IEEE-1588 time-stamping protocol-level support; PPS/PTP over 1GbE (RJ45)
  • Board-to-board communication interface via a 56.4Gbps serial link (x4)
  • Includes PLDA QuickPCIe IP core
  • Optionally PLDA QuickTCP IP core
  • Complete solution with encrypted RTL or source code, bus functional models, software design kit

More info: PLDA XpressGX5LP FPGA Design Kit (pdf)