PLDA PCIe Gen 2 FPGA IP Core for Altera Stratix II GX

PLDA announced the immediate availability of their PCIe Gen 2 FPGA IP, which is designed for Altera Stratix® II GX FPGAs. Although PCI-SIG hasn’t started the official compliance testing for PCIe 2.0, PLDA’s PCIe Gen 2 IP has already obtained the PCI-SIG “FYI” testing on Altera Stratix II GX FPGAs — the PLDA PCIe IP Core is 100% compliant with Revision 2.0 of the PCIe specification.

Key features of the PLDA PCIe Gen 2 IP Core for Altera Stratix II GX FPGAs

  • Application layer with up to 8 automated DMA engines
  • High performance interface allows up to 16 simultaneous outstanding requests
  • Complete support for scatter-gather

More info: PLDA