Lattice Semiconductor Announces @MachXO2 Speed Seminars

Lattice Semiconductor is offering a series of free @MachXO2 Speed seminars. The Lattice events include hands-on technical training and live hardware demonstrations that focus on the MachXO2 PLD features that speed the design process and reduce time-to-market. The seminar’s hands-on hardware demonstrations utilize the versatile, battery-powered MachXO2 Pico Development Kit, which is discounted to $29 for the remainder of 2012.

The initial @MachXO2 Speed seminar focuses on nine new reference and demonstration designs that enhance the usability of the built-in I2C, SPI and User Flash Memory functions in the low cost, low power MachXO2 PLD family’s unique Flash memory-based Embedded Function Block (EFB). New technical features include commented, pre-verified RTL and C code that is easily re-usable to help engineers get a head start on their own design implementations.

@MachXO2 Speed Seminars Topics

  • I2C-Slave (Lattice reference design number RD1124)
  • SPI-Slave (RD1125)
  • UFM access (RD1126)
  • Embedded Programming (RD1129)
  • I2C Master with I2C Slave (Lattice demonstration design number UG55)
  • SPI Master with SPI Slave (UG56)
  • Master I2C and SPI Using ‘C’ and the LatticeMico8 Microcontroller (UG54)
  • Programming via the Wishbone Bus Interface (UG57)
  • Low Power Control (UG58)

The @MachXO2 Speed seminars are available worldwide from Lattice and its network of sales and distribution partners. There isn’t a set schedule. Instead, engineers will have to fill out a form to request a seminar.

More info: Lattice Semiconductor MachXO2 Design Seminars