Pico Computing E-17 FPGA Card

Pico Computing introduced the E-17 development platform. The Pico E-17 platform is a compact, laptop compatible solution for FPGA development and scalable deployment. The Pico E-17 platform supports single-lane ExpressCard and PCIe interfaces as well as providing additional general purpose I/O. It is ideal for FPGA algorithm prototyping and deployment in applications ranging from digital signal processing, encryption, image and video processing, to bioinformatics and low-latency financial data handling.

Pico Computing E-17 FPGA Card

Pico E-17 FPGA Card Features

  • Xilinx Virtex-5 FX70T / SX50T / LX50T
  • ExpressCard/54 (75mm x 54mm x 5mm)
  • 256MB DDR2
  • 64MB FLASH
  • 32 LVDS or 64 Single Ended
  • 4 Multi-Gigabit Transceivers
  • x1 PCI Express (2.5Gbps)
  • Temperature Range: 00 to 700 C
  • JTAG for Debugging
  • GPIO

The E-17 card can be configured with a Xilinx Virtex-5 FX70T, SX50T, or LX50T FPGA device. Up to 256MB of DDR2 memory and 64MB of Flash memory are available on the card. Board Support Packages provided by Pico Computing allow fast development using Xilinx ISE Design Suite and the Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK).

Reference examples and host development and programming tools are also included. Accessory devices for the E-17 allow its use in standalone mode as well as offering alternate I/O including CameraLink and 1Gbit Ethernet.

For high performance computing applications, up to six Pico FPGA cards can be installed into a PCIe carrier card, and multiple carrier cards can be installed into a single 4U rack mounted chassis to create a scalable FPGA cluster.

More info: Pico Computing