Impulse C-to-FPGA Compiler Integrates with Convey PDK

Impulse Accelerated Technologies will extend Impulse C-to-FPGA compiler to support Convey Computer’s HC-1 hybrid-core server. The Impulse compiler will integrate into the Convey Personality Development Kit (PDK), which will enable C-language algorithms to be deployed as FPGA hardware accelerators in high-performance computing applications.

Impulse Compiler and Convey PDK Integration Highlights

  • Impulse compiler tools support automatic pipeline generation, instruction scheduling and other optimizations
  • Impulse compiler increases algorithm throughput
  • Integration will combine Impulse compiler-generated hardware kernel functions with Convey’s proprietary shared memory accelerator architecture
  • Ideal for bioinformatics, financial computing, and image processing applications
  • Impulse C is a high level synthesis method of moving software applications to FPGA coprocessor
  • University of Washington research team benchmarked a 80% reduction in iteration time
  • 30% reduction in development time in designing in C rather than VHDL
  • Convey system offers seamless hardware/software programming and a large array of logic resources
  • Impulse C treats the software and hardware processors as just PE1 and PE2
  • Developers can partition logic between PE1 and PE2 with just a line of code
  • Impulse C generates logic up to ten times quicker than hand coding
  • Impulse compiler supports automated and user-directed parallel optimizations
  • Faster processing speeds and lower power consumption
  • Impulse C compiler generates hardware in standard formats
  • Enables hardware code to be simulated and mapped to Convey hardware personalities with minimal effort

More information: Impulse Accelerated Technologies