Pentek Model 7140-420 Dual Digital Transceiver PMC/XMC Module

Pentek’s Model 7140-420 Dual Digital Transceiver is a complete software radio system in a PMC/XMC module. It features a Wideband Digital Downconverter (DDC) Core and Interpolation Filter. The module includes two A/D and two D/A converters for connection to HF and IF ports. The highly versatile transceiver, with greatly extended bandwidth, can fulfill an unusually wide range of applications in signal intelligence, military and commercial communications systems and in radar. This module is also available in a variety of form factors including PCI, 3U and 6U cPCI, as well as a PMC/XMC conduction-cooled version. The Model 7140-420 PMC/XMC module’s prices start at $11,995 USD for the PMC version, with delivery 8 to 10 weeks ARO.

The Model 7140-420 Dual Digital Transceiver handles a range of input and output signal bandwidths from 4.8 kHz to 40 MHz – highly extraordinary for a single product. Customers benefit from the economy of scale realized by purchasing one product to fulfill all their required functionalities.

The GateFlow FPGA IP Core 420, which provides high-performance DDC and interpolation, includes a two-channel, wideband DDC IP core that complements the multiband Texas Instruments GC4016 ASIC. This DDC can be driven directly from the A/D converters to achieve decimations from 2 to 64 for signal bandwidths up to 40 MHz.

Alternatively, the GateFlow Core 420 DDC can be driven from the outputs of the Texas Instruments GC4016 ASIC DDC using a cascade connection. This provides a maximum decimation of 1,048,576 to handle extremely low bandwidth signals down to 76 Hz.
Thus, the GateFlow Core 420 DDC significantly extends both the upper and lower bandwidth limits of GC4016 ASIC alone.

On the upconverter side, an IP core interpolation filter boosts the sampling rate of real or complex signals by a factor of 16 to 1024, programmable in steps of 2. Acting as a pre-processing stage for the Texas Instruments DAC5686 DUC (digital up converter), the core extends the overall interpolation range for the module so it is now programmable from 2 to 16,384.

Consequently, with a 100 MHz output sample rate, the module now accepts baseband transmit signal bandwidths that can range from 40 MHz down to about 4.8 kHz.

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