OptNgn libhdlfltp Floating Point VHDL Library

OptNgn is offering the libhdlfltp floating point VHDL library under the GPLv3 Open Source License. The libhdlfltp library is a coherent collection of floating point VHDL operators, constructed for synthesis to FPGA devices, as part of a coprocessor acceleration system, or as part of an embedded acceleration system. The main characteristics of the library are that it is fully pipelined and parameterized. The libhdlfltp library was created to start supporting math.h like functionality for FPGA coprocessor and embedded systems design, in a vendor independent, open source, and easy to use way. With more usage, different Platform Support Packages(PSP) will be supported.

Also included with the VHDL source code are test-benches, ModelSim command files and Xilinx synthesis scripts to aid in verification and integration to an FPGA project. Users can expect these operators to run at 200MHz when using the Xilinx Virtex-5 series. To download the latest version of the floating point library visit Source Forge.

FPGA designers can now save months of coding and debug time by using the floating point libraries instead of creating the VHDL from scratch. The parameterized floating point operators being introduced are in three groups: Arithmetic, Transcendental and Trigonometric.

Parameterized Floating Point Operators
Type Function Implementation
Arithmetic Adder
Square Root
Pipelined, Combinational
Transcendental Exponential
Pipelined, Combinational
Trigonometric Sine

More info: OptNgn Software | Source Forge