Reflex Photonics LA-T12-P418SM, LA-R12-P418SM LightABLE Optical Engines

Reflex Photonics introduced the LA-T12-P418SM and LA-R12-P418SM 10 Gbps LightABLE Surface Mount 12 channel Parallel Fiber Optic Engines. The two new optical transceiver products require only 2.3 cm2 of board space and consume only 42 mW of power per channel. The optical engines are capable of transmitting or receiving 120 gigabits of optical data per second. The Reflex 10G surface-mount LightABLE optical engine will begin shipping in June.

The LA-T12-P418SM and LA-R12-P418SM optical transceivers enable designers to add high-speed parallel optical connectivity to almost any PCB design. The tiny low-profile LightABLE optical engines are easily placed near a Host ASIC or FPGA and parallel multi-mode fiber ribbons attach to the optical engines, carrying high-speed optical data from a few cm to 100 m. Hundreds of gigabits or even multiple terabits of optical connectivity can be directly delivered to within millimeters of an ASIC or FPGA — bypassing the need long copper traces and bulky pluggable optical modules.

The 10G surface-mount LightABLE optical engine provides high-speed optoelectronic data conversion for such applications as backplane extensions and proprietary inter and intra board data links. The LightABLE is data protocol agnostic and compatible with: 10, 40 and 100 Gbps SR Ethernet, 8 and 10G Fibre Channel, Xilinx RocketIO up to 11.2Gbps, Altera Stratix IV GT 11.3Gbps transceivers, InfiniBand 12x QDR, PCI Express 3.0 and proprietary protocols.

FPGA 240 Gbps chassis-to-chassis connection using 10G LightABLE optical engines

Reflex 10G Surface-mount LightABLE Optical Engine Features

  • 12 transmit or receive channels per engine
  • Industry standard MT-terminated parallel fiber connector
  • 10 Gbps per channel
  • Surface mountable 1.27 mm pitch BGA compatible with standard reflow processes
  • Self-contained (no other components are required to operate)
  • 850nm wavelength — transmission distances of 100m on OM3 multi-mode fiber
  • Pre-aligned
  • RoHS compliant
  • I2C communication interface

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