Service Pack 1 for Lattice ispLEVER 7.1

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) announced Service Pack 1 for ispLEVER® 7.1 FPGA Design Tool Suite. The latest release integrates Lattice’s ORCAstra configuration design utility, features Reveal[tm] Logic Analyzer support on the Linux Operating System, adds new versions of Synopsys’ Synplify® Pro synthesis and Aldec’s Active-HDL[tm] Lattice Edition simulator, includes support for automotive temperature grade LatticeXP2[tm] FPGAs and provides the latest LatticeMico32[tm] embedded open source microprocessor enhancements.

Lattice’s Service Pack 1 for ispLEVER 7.1 for Windows, LINUX and UNIX users is available immediately without charge for customers with active design tool maintenance. The full ispLEVER design tool suite starts at a price of $1295 for the Windows version.

The ispLEVER service pack adds a wide range of new utilities and updates that are designed to increase engineers’ productivity. For example, integration of the ORCAstra configuration interface will accelerate the all important task of real hardware tuning and debug.

More info: Lattice Semiconductor