Stratix V FPGA Powers Altera Multirate OTN 100G Muxponder IP Solution

Altera multi-rate OTN (optical transport network) muxponder solution for 100G network aggregation

Altera introduced a single-chip, multi-rate OTN (optical transport network) muxponder solution for 100G network aggregation. The multi-rate muxponder IP solution is based on Altera’s 28nm Stratix V FPGA devices. The solution enables engineers to customize systems and target FPGA architectures that are optimized for specific design requirements. The multirate 100G muxponder IP solution expands the capabilities of current networks by enabling developers to integrate emerging client types into their networks, such as 16G Fibre Channel.

Altera multirate 100G muxponder IP solution

Altera’s multi-rate muxponder solution addresses both data center and transport aggregation by flexibly supporting emerging clients, such as 16G Fibre Channel and 40G Ethernet along with various 10G clients. A flexible FPGA-based implementation enables network developers to reduce development risks, create differentiation and future-proof designs.

The multi-rate OTN muxponder IP solution is a fully integrated digital core providing client adaptation with FEC (forward error correction), ODUTG4 multiplexing of up to 100G of client traffic, OTU4 mapping and framing and line-side FEC. The client interface is supported by high-performance 14.1-Gbps transceivers for direct connection to SFP+, XFP, and QSFP optical modules, up to 12 ports operating at 10 Gbps and up to two ports operating at 40 Gbps that are both dynamically and independently reconfigurable. The line interface is supported by both 14.1-Gbps and 28-Gbps transceivers for direct communication to a CFP or CFP2 optical module.

Altera Multirate 100G Muxponder IP Solution Features

  • Multiplexing of up to 100-Gbps of client traffic
  • Up to 12X sub-10G ports and 2X 40G ports supported
  • OTU4 line with ITU-T standard G.709 forward error correction (GFEC)
  • Any-client, any-port configurations:
    • OTU2+ FEC
    • 10GbE
    • 40GbE
    • OC-192/STM-64
    • 8B/10B and 64B/66B encoding
    • 4G, 8G, 12G, 16G Fibre Channel
  • ITU-T standard G.709 overhead processing
  • Altera’s industry-leading high-gain enhanced FEC (EFEC) is available
  • Altera common OTN application programming interface (API) software suite

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