Online FPGA Pinout Reference Tool

Interactive reference tool “Pins” by Opal Kelly replaces PDF and text-based reference materials with browser-based tool aims to help usability and reduce errors.

Typical delivery of pinout references come in tables in PDF format, text definitions, spreadsheets, or template UCF or QSF constraint files for CAD tools, all of which can be difficult to cross reference to FPGA documentation or other resources. Integration into design flow can also cause errors when copying to another format. Accessing additional information is also cumbersome in these formats.

Opal Kelly’s Pins allows designers to save time, reduce errors, and improve understanding of module capabilities, and show, hide, search for, or filter additional information for enhanced reference abilities.

Designers can also use the “Peripherals” tool for integrating HDL design signal names with module Pin Lists. From here, UCF and QSF constraint files for CAD tool flow can be automatically generated, which can save time and redundancy data errors.

Peripherals can be stored and managed, and shared privately with other Pins users or publicly.

Opal Kelly produces FPGA modules with device-to-computer interconnect using USB.

More info: Pins, Opal Kelly