Altera Announces Free Debug and Timing Closure Altera Training Classes

Altera free online technical training courses

Altera is offering several free online technical training courses. The educational classes help designers stay up to date on the latest FPGA products, features, and design techniques. Engineers can learn the recommended debug methodology and analysis techniques and how to use the latest debugging tools. Topics cover include debug, timing analysis and closure.

Altera Debug and Timing Closure Training Courses

  • SignalTap II Logic Analyzer
  • Using the Quartus II Software: Chip Planner
  • Power Analysis and Optimization
  • Advanced I/O System Design
  • Resource Optimization
  • System Console
  • Transceiver Toolkit
  • Avalon Verification Suite
  • Using High-Performance Memory Interfaces in Altera FPGAs
  • TimeQuest Timing Analyzer
  • Good High-Speed Design Practices
  • Constraining Source Synchronous Interfaces
  • Constraining Double Data Rate Source Synchronous Interfaces
  • Design Evaluation for Timing Closure
  • Best HDL Design Practices for Timing Closure

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