NI 1483 Camera Link Adaptor Module

National Instruments introduced the NI 1483 Camera Link adapter module. The NI 1483 is a Camera Link adapter module for NI FlexRIO field-programmable gate array (FPGA) modules. It supports 80-bit, 10-tap base-, medium-, and full-configuration image acquisition from Camera Link 1.2 standard cameras. It also features four digital I/O channels, two optically isolated inputs, and one quadrature encoder input for advanced triggering functionality. The NI 1483 vision module is priced from $999 (euro 929; 125,000 yen).

NI 1483 Camera Link adapter module - National Instruments

NI 1483 Camera Link Features

  • FPGA image processing solutions for PXI and NI FlexRIO platform
  • Base-, medium-, and full-configuration image acquisition for Camera Link cameras
  • Supports up to 10-tap, 80-bit images at 20 to 85 MHz pixel clock frequency
  • 4 TTL I/O channels, 2 optically isolated inputs, and 1 quadrature encoder input
  • Two 26-pin SDR connectors
  • Requires NI FlexRIO FPGA module and LabVIEW FPGA software

The NI 1483 is paired with an NI FlexRIO FPGA module to perform custom image analysis. FPGA processing is ideal for applications that require bit-level processing and very low system latency. Implemented in hardware, FPGA processing does not require CPU intervention. Engineers can process images on the FPGA independently or with a CPU for more advanced preprocessing architectures.

The NI 1483 module supports base-, medium- and full-configuration Camera Link devices as well as 80-bit 10-tap configurations, all up to 85MHz. The design gives engineers and scientists the ability to customize the image acquisition when using custom image sensors. The 85MHz measurement supports the Camera Link standardized specification to its fullest, creating an excellent fit for those working on applications with high frame rates. The module also integrates several I/O options including four TTL I/O lines, two opto-isolated inputs and one quadrature encoder input in addition to the many modular I/O and industrial communication options available for the PXI platform. Engineers and scientists can customize the NI FlexRIO hardware using the LabVIEW FPGA Module without knowledge of low-level hardware description languages or board-level design. By using the LabVIEW graphical programming environment, engineers and scientists vastly reduce their development time while making use of existing VHDL IP.

More info: National Instruments