Xilinx Network Timing Solution

Xilinx Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) and Brilliant Telecommunications, Inc. created the industry’s first carrier-class FPGA-based network timing solution for next generation wired and wireless networks. The jointly developed solution provides next-generation communication network designers with an embedded programmable timing solution that features flexibility, field upgradeability, and customization.

By integrating timing functions into Xilinx FPGAs, the solution offers significant cost savings. Implemented using a Xilinx(R) Virtex(TM) or Spartan(TM) FPGA, the solution is delivered in the form of two Intellectual Property (IP) cores, NGNTime and FemtoTime. The cores are fully interoperable with the industry’s leading standard Network Timing Protocol (NTP) and provide a migration path for Version 2 of IEEE 1588 or Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

The offerings mitigate technology risk by allowing use of the widely deployed NTP protocol while providing a migration path to the telecom focused PTP protocol using the same hardware. The solution provides accurate timing from ingress to egress points across an entire (end-to-end) network to support next-generation applications such as wireless base stations, femtocell access points, IPTV routers/switches, and mobile backhaul. Leveraging Xilinx FPGAs, users can customize embedded solutions for equipment manufactures by integrating precise timing in their products while expediting time-to-market.

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