Sat3Play Satellite Broadband Terminal Features Altera Cyclone FPGA

Newtec select Altera Corporation’s (NASDAQ:ALTR) Cyclone® II FPGAs for the Sat3Play® broadband terminal. The Sat3Play® broadband terminal is part of a two-way satellite system that allows ISPs and Telcos to provide voice, data and television services in areas where low-cost broadband connections don’t exist. Newtec is a worldwide provider of satellite communications products and solutions including DVB modulators, digital TV and radio distribution networks, TV networks and IP Broadband Access Networks.

Altera® Cyclone II devices enable the flexibility and scalability found in the Sat3Play® broadband terminal. In the terminal, the Cyclone II devices act as a coprocessor to an ASSP, handling the upstream modulation for the return channel, and filtering protocol-encapsulated data for the transmission and reception of IP packets while handling key system interfaces like PCI.

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