Embedded and EDA News – 2007.12.14

Cimetrix EDAConnect Interface A Library
EDAConnect, from Cimetrix Incorporated (OTC: CMXX), is a client-side software library designed to assist integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and third party software providers in creating applications that can utilize the rich data available via the new Interface A connectivity standards commonly known as Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA).

A Supercomputer the Size of a Laptop
In a paper (Ultra-compact, low RF power, 10 Gb/s silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator) published in the Optics Express journal, IBM researchers detailed a significant milestone in the quest to send information between multiple cores (“brains”) on a chip using pulses of light through silicon, instead of electrical signals on wires. With this new technology, supercomputers could one day be the size of a laptop. In addition, this laptop supercomputer would expend the energy of just one light bulb.

NEC NaviEngine1 LSI for Car Navigation Systems
NaviEngine®1, from NEC Electronics, is a single-chip system LSI solution optimized for car navigation systems. Based on four high-speed CPU cores using the ARM® MPCore(TM) technology with symmetric multi-processing (SMP), NaviEngine1 is capable of simultaneously processing multiple streams of information needed for car navigation systems, including vehicle location, driving directions, and navigation functions. The chip delivers high-speed parallel processing performance of up to 1920MIPS at 400 MHz. In addition, NaviEngine1 has impressive 2D and 3D graphics using the POWERVR SGX 535 graphics core by Imagination Technologies, and is the world’s first system LSI chip with built-in Serial ATA functions.

Open Source Linux Mobile Computing Platform
ARM ((LSE: ARM); (Nasdaq: ARMHY)) and six companies are teaming together to address the rise in consumer demand for access to the Internet and advanced applications on larger display mobile devices. The collaboration will result in the development of a Linux-based open source platform for next-generation mobile applications. The collaboration builds on the ARM architecture and its ecosystem of Partners to deliver a standards-base platform based on Linux. This group of companies are all working to accelerate the enablement of truly always on, connected mobile computing (CMC) devices.

Renesas SH-MobileL3V2, SH-MobileUL Application Processors
Renesas Technology recently announced two new application processors: SH-MobileL3V2 and SH-MobileUL. The SH-MobileL3V2 offers additional video formats, high-resolution video capture and enhanced functionality to control image quality. The small-package SH-MobileUL provides excellent cost performance and is suitable for use in popular mainstream mobile phone models. The new processors will accelerate the proliferation of advanced multimedia capture and playback on mobile phones and portable media players, enabling both advanced systems that offer higher image quality, as well as lower-priced systems that offer TV and other multimedia features.

PowerQUICC Optimized Java SE for Embedded
Freescale and Sun are optimizing Java SE for Embedded for the PowerQUICC III processor family. The new implementation will enable developers and systems designers may soon incorporate the functionality, security and portability of the Java(TM) SE platform into embedded systems powered by Freescale Semiconductor’s PowerQUICC III processors.

Microchip 8-bit Flash Microcontrollers
Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP) recently announced 12 new high-performance, 8-bit Flash microcontrollers (MCUs). The PIC18F8723 high-memory, general-purpose family offers a rich peripheral set and performance of up to 10 MIPS. The PIC18F4553 family adds an integrated full-speed USB transceiver and 12 MIPS performance. Finally, the PIC18F8493 LCD microcontroller family offers integrated LCD drive capability for low-power display applications.

Microbridge Rejustor Design Challenge
Microbridge is holding a contest — the Rejustor Application Design Challenge. To enter the contest, all you have to do is submit a circuit design idea for any of the rejustor devices available from Microbridge. A rejustor is a polysilicon re-adjustable resistance devices for calibration and temperature compensation.

Microwave Office 2007 Design Software Simulation Library
Applied Wave Research, Inc. (AWR®) recently released Microwave Office® 2007 design software simulation library. Microwave Office features NXP Semiconductor’s sixth-generation laterally-diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) devices. The simulation library provides power amplifier (PA) and base station design engineers, as well as designers of worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) and wireless broadcasting equipment with AWR- and NXP-proven large signal circuit simulation models.

Screencast: Driving a Robot from Windows Mobile with Microsoft Robotics Studio
Check out Olivier Bloch’s webcast on using Microsoft Robotics Studio to build a service that runs on a Windows Mobile phone. The screencast shows how to use Robotics Studio to remotely drive a robot (connected via Bluetooth) from a Windows Mobile device.

Jasper GamePlan Verification Planner 1.2
Jasper Design Automation recently released GamePlan(TM) Verification Planner version 1.2. GamePlan is a powerful tool for generating and tracking verification plans. In version 1.2, GamePlan now includes the ability to import verification results. After an easy set-up that takes no more than a couple of hours, verification teams can begin reading verification results back into their test plan to efficiently track their verification progress. In addition, GamePlan also delivers improved search capabilities, active hyperlinks in analysis views for easy organization, and a new Undo/Redo feature for improved usability.

Discrete Power Semiconductors Grow in Automotive Market
According to Frost & Sullivan, discrete power semiconductors and microcontrollers will find significant opportunities in automotives as hybrid and electric vehicles gain popularity. End-user market expansion, increased automobile multiplexing, and wider application of vehicle integrated circuits (ICs) will likely sustain their growth. In their report, World Markets for Discrete Power Semiconductors in Automobiles, Frost & Sullivan indicates that the market generated revenues of $1.76 billion in 2006 and will reach $2.66 billion in 2010.

ToneCore DSP Developer Kit
The ToneCore DSP Developer Kit is a solution for digital signal processor (DSP) software developers who create custom sounds for guitarists. The kit enables third-party audio DSP developers with little or no electronic design experience to quickly and easily program audio effects modules for Line 6 ToneCore guitar pedals. Now with the Line 6 ToneCore DSP Developer Kit, all audio designers who write DSP code can create and sell a portable, affordable, battery-powered, stereo audio hardware product for musicians and audio enthusiasts. All it takes is a PC and the kit.