Altium Designer Features Aldec FPGA Simulation Technology

Thanks to a new OEM agreement between Altium and Aldec, Altium Designer will new feature Aldec’s FPGA simulation capabilities. As a result of the agreement, Aldec’s OEM simulator will be the default VHDL or Verilog FPGA simulation technology in the next release of Altium Designer, currently scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

Users of Altium’s NanoBoard FPGA-based development boards will also now be able to create their FPGA-based design prototypes to prove the design concept, and then use the Aldec VHDL or Verilog simulation technology within Altium Designer to test their designs. Both the NanoBoard NB2 and the NanoBoard 3000 are delivered with a 12-month Altium Designer Soft Design License, which will also include the Aldec OEM simulator from the next release of Altium Designer.

Electronics designers working with FPGAs will benefit from the seamless integration of Altium Designer and VHDL and Verilog simulation from Aldec. Electronics designers can now access Aldec’s simulation technology as part of Altium’s unified electronics design architecture. Engineers will save time by doing all of their validation using Altium Designer and Aldec’s integrated RTL solution.

More info: Altium | Aldec