CAST NAND Flash Controller IP Core v6 Supports Latest High-Speed Memory Devices

CAST, Inc. rolled out version six of their NAND Flash Memory Controller IP core. The CAST NANDFLASH-CTRL Core is available in synthesizable RTL for ASICs or optimized netlists for FPGAs. Versions of the royalty-free controller core range from a lean, asynchronous-only core (for long-term or boot-code storage applications) through a full-featured, high-speed core (for applications needing the full bandwidth of the latest memory devices).

CAST NAND Flash Controller IP Core

The core implements critical functions in hardware (including error correction, bad block management and encryption), offers high-speed data transfer, and provides configurable options that enable the smallest area, least power consumption, and lowest price for each specific memory application. Integration is simplified by interfaces to standard system buses AMBA AHB and AXI, Avalon, CoreConnect PLB, and OCP.


  • Supports Toggle-Mode Double Density Rate (DDR) devices from Toshiba and Samsung
  • Supports ClearNAND integrated memory and error correction devices from Micron
  • Supports the EZ-NAND ONFI 2.3 protocol
  • Designed to satisfy the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 3.0 specification
  • Currently being hardware verified with advanced production ONFI 3.0 compatible memory devices

More info: CAST NAND Flash Memory Controller IP Core