Nallatech Commits to Intel QuickPath Interconnect

Nallatech will deploy product using the Intel® QuickPath interconnect. The Intel QuickPath interconnect is a high-speed system interconnect for servers and high-end work stations. Nallatech will use the Intel QuickPath interconnect to bring to market the industry’s first FPGA-based socket filler solutions based on this new technology for high performance computing applications.

The need for high bandwidth and low latency interconnections is growing rapidly as server deployed FPGA accelerated solutions become a reality. The Intel QuickPath interconnect creates a very high bandwidth, low latency and cache-coherent fabric between one or more multi-core CPUs. It will be used to connect microprocessors and Nallatech FPGA socket filler accelerators. This architecture reduces processing bottlenecks subsequently improving performance of a variety of high performance computing applications, including those in the financial and defense sectors.

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Nallatech Deploys Intel QuickPath Interconnect for FPGA Socket Filler