Nallatech’s FSB-FPGA Early Access Program

Nallatech launched the early access program for their Slipstream(TM) FSB-FPGA module at the Intel Developer Forum. Shipments of the FSB-FPGA module will be in 4Q 2007. The high performance computing solution will enable high speed direct access to the Intel(R) Xeon(R) 7300 multi-processor server and allow users to accelerate the performance of computationally intensive algorithms whilst reducing latency.

Nallatech’s early access solution, which features the latest 65nm Virtex(TM)-5 FPGA technology from Xilinx(R), allows users to integrate the module directly into the sockets of the new Intel(R) Xeon(R) 7300 MP series based server. The Nallatech Slipstream FSB-FPGA module conforms to the mechanical and electrical specifications of the Xeon CPU socket – utilizing existing power supply and heat sink solutions. The Slipstream module takes advantage of the low latency and high bandwidth made available by its direct interface to the 64-bit FSB running at 1066MHz, providing users with a powerful solution for addressing the most demanding computing problems.

Nallatech is currently working with Mitrionics(TM) and Impulse(TM) to develop and support application specific third party enabling tool flows for the Slipstream FSB-FPGA hardware.

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