Nallatech BenADC 3G, 1.5G Analog Capture Modules

Nallatech recently introduced two ultra-high-speed analog capture modules with the latest Giga-sample Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) from National Semiconductor. The new products offer multiple ultra wide band analog I/O capture channels directly coupled to a Xilinx Virtex(TM)-4 FPGA.

The Nallatech BenADC 3G(TM) features two National 8-bit 3 GSPS ADCs, an external clock input, and digital trigger. Each ADC083000 ADC can achieve up to 7.0 effective number of bits (ENOB), 44.5 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 54.5 dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) when sampling a 748 MHz input signal at 3 GSPS. Trigger and clock signal inputs allow simultaneous sampling of both channels, enabling synchronous data acquisition on a single card. Two banks of DDR-II SRAM memory are directly coupled to the user FPGA allowing algorithm and ADC data to be locally buffered. National’s LMX2531LQ1500E delta-sigma phase-locked loop and voltage-controlled oscillator (PLL+VCO) integrated circuit is also featured on the BENADC-3G module. It provides a very stable, low noise clock source in order to achieve the highest SNR (or ENOB) possible from the Giga-sample rate ADCs.

The BenADC 1.5G(TM) features the same FPGA and memory back-end as the BenADC 3G, however, it utilizes two ADC08D1500 National ADCs providing users with four 8-bit 1.5 GSPS analog capture channels as well as external clock and trigger inputs. The product is the ideal solution for applications such as beamforming that requires a high number of input channels per FPGA. This product will be available Q3 2007. Both products are available with a choice of Virtex-4 SX55, LX100, or LX160 user FPGAs.

Both products are delivered with a suite of optimized IP cores and reference designs. Xilinx System Generator library components are also provided allowing non-VHDL users to target the hardware using Simulink. Software support includes Windows, Linux, and VXWorks.

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