Altera and Eutecus FPGA-based 1080p/30fps Video Analytics Solution

Altera and Eutecus teamed together on a FPGA-based video analytics solution. It is based on the Cyclone IV FPGA and features the Eutecus’ Multi-Core Video Analytics Engine (MVE) intellectual property (IP). The MVE performs the analytics functions in the FPGA. Their solution is the first FPGA-based full-HD 1080p/(30 frames per second) 30fps video analytics on a Cyclone IV FPGA. The IP and FPGA can be purchased directly from Altera, which simplifies the development of a video surveillance system.

Altera and Eutecus 1080p/30fps FPGA-based video analytics solution

Altera and Eutecus Video Analytics Solution Highlights

  • Features Altera Cyclone IV FPGA
  • Full-HD 1080p/30fps real-time video analytics
  • High throughput (60-Mpixel per second)
  • Offers pixel precision detail that’s not possible with digital signal processing (DSP)-based approaches
  • Includes Eutecus’ Multi-Core Video Analytics Engine IP to perform the analytics functions in the FPGA
  • Features software GUI for customizing the event-detection parameters and rules for specific applications
  • Can be easily integrated into HD Internet protocol cameras
  • Enables the user to track dozens of user-defined rules
  • Eliminates the need to make tradeoffs between system performance and the number of rules running at the same time
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, including traffic surveillance that monitors accident detection, vehicle counting, lane-exit detection, stopped traffic, red-light violations and vehicles moving in the wrong direction

More info: Altera | Eutecus