Actel Mixed Signal Power Manager Solution for SmartFusion FPGA

Actel introduced their Mixed Signal Power Manager (MPM) Solution for the SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs. The power management solution includes a complete reference design with graphical configurator to enter power sequencing and trimming requirements. The design is targeted to the MPM Daughter Card, which can be used with either the SmartFusion Evaluation Kit or SmartFusion Development Kit. The Mixed Signal Power Manager enables the integration of power rail management into embedded designs.

Actel Mixed Signal Power Manager Solution Highlights

  • Intelligent power management leveraging 100 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 in SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGA
  • Configurable power management using intrinsically low power, high-reliability, flash-based SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGA on A2F-DEV-KIT or A2F-EVAL-KIT mother board
  • Power management functions reconfigurable via standalone PC GUI over JTAG or directly (register peek/poke) via I2C
  • Implements power management in hardware for comprehensive evaluation
  • More features and channels than current ASSP solutions
    • Nonvolatile
    • Live at power-up (LAPU)
    • Low power
  • Single chip and low power solution simplifies board design
  • Low power FPGAs reduce thermal management and cooling requirements
  • Proven in hardware, ready for use

The SmartFusion MPM solution delivers advanced power management that is easily configured via a configuration GUI, enabling system designers to effortlessly integrate and configure intelligent power management with their ARM Cortex-M3 based embedded designs. Actel’s graphical design configuration approach enables power management thresholds to be set, voltage trimming to be configured and sequencing functionality to be updated without changing the circuitry programmed into the FPGA fabric.

SmartFusion MPM demonstrates power-up sequencing, management and power down sequencing of up to 32 independent power regulators (rails) with 8 rails supporting closed loop voltage trimming using PWM. Also demonstrated are five user configurable flags per regulator channel, exponential decay filtering, and up to 32 digital ‘trigger’ outputs using single level combinatorial logic, enabling the combination of internal states with 32 corresponding off-chip digital inputs to build complex system-level state signaling.

Available for purchase now are the SmartFusion Evaluation Kit (A2F-EVAL-KIT, list price $99), SmartFusion Development Kit (A2F-DEV-KIT, list price $999) and MPM Daughter Card Kit (MPM-DC-KIT, list price $299).

More info: Actel Power Management Solutions