Mix and Match Any Virtex 7-based FPGA Modules in V7 Prototyping System

PRO DESIGN launched the proFPGA Prototying System

To meet the demands of ASIC and SOC prototyping, PRO DESIGN launched the proFPGA Prototying System that includes proFPGA Builder software. Two proFPGA Xilinx Virtex 7 XCV2000T FPGA modules have a capacity that ranges up to 24M ASICA gates. Capacity is expanded by the use of a maximum of five proFPGA duo or quad systems.

The set of features for this solution are:

  • Mix and match different Xilinx Virtex modules (XC7VX330T, the XC7V585T, the XC7VX690T or the XC7V2000T)
  • 16 extension sites provide 2200 available FPGA I/Os
  • Compact system architecture
  • Signal integrity up to 400 MHz
  • Software accommodates clock management, self- and performance test, auto board detection and I/O voltage programming
  • Remote config and monitoring using USB, Ethernect or PCI Express

This addition to the FPGA-based prototyping proFPGA product family is suitable for early software development and real time system verification. Customers are able to reuse the system for several projects.

More info: PRO DESIGN proFPGA Prototyping System