Lattice Semiconductor Adds MIPI Battery Interface to iCE40 mobileFPGA

Lattice Semiconductor is supporting the MIPI Battery Interface (BIF) standard within the iCE40 mobileFPGA family of products. The MIPI BIF single-wire specification is an industry-created and adopted standard. It accelerates the design and use of smart batteries in mobile devices. Lattice Semiconductor is a participating member of the MIPI BIF committee.

Lattice Semiconductor is currently engaged with key customers on the MIPI BIF standard and plans to make support broadly available through its IP suite during the first half of this year. Lattice Semiconductor will offer the MIPI BIF solutions free of charge to customers with high-volume mobile applications.

Lattice’s MIPI BIF Master solution is optimized for the iCE40 devices. The solution enables rapid support of MIPI Battery Interface standard by existing mobile product chipsets and application processors. Lattice’s solution supports multiple classes of batteries and different topologies. In addition, the Lattice reconfigurable iCE40 device provides engineers with a path to innovation, enabling the inclusion of customized features on demand. The MIPI BIF interface is offered as an IP core within the Lattice iCEcube2 software, providing designers with access to critical functions for their applications.

More info: Lattice Semiconductor Corporation