Ariane AC-CPM1 AutoGrade J2931 Board Features ProASIC3 FPGA Devices

The Ariane Controls AC-CPM1 AutoGrade J2931 is an evaluation and development board optimized for inband signaling between Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV) and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The AC-CPM1 SAE J2931 evaluation and development board uses Microsemi’s ProASIC3 flash FPGA devices to speed design cycles for systems implementing automotive standard J2931 for communication. The Ariane Controls AC-CPM1 platform is available now.

Ariane Controls AC-CPM1 SAE J2931 Evaluation and Development Board

Ariane Controls AC-CPM1 SAE J2931 Features

  • Microsemi ProASIC3 flash FPGA devices run Ariane PLM-1 intellectual property (IP) block
  • ProASIC3 flash FPGAs reduce self-heating issues and allow for higher temperature operation
  • ProASIC3 FPGAs are resistant to neutron-induced firm errors and eliminate the risk of configuration memory upset
  • Industry first platform for communication between EV and EVSE for DC charging
  • Narrowband FSK communication evaluation platform for inband signaling between PEV and EVSE
  • Ideal for development of automotive embedded application for DC charging management
  • Automotive industry compliant design
  • Compliancy with SAE J2931 requirements
  • Quick test using on-board buttons and LEDs
  • Transmits CAN messages over control pilot line using the on-board CAN port
  • Transmits CAN messages over control pilot line via the RS-232 port
  • Interfaces with external devices via RS-232 port to transfer data over control pilot
  • Interfaces with external MCU via SPI to develop custom applications
  • Configuration of CAN, RS-232 and Control Pilot interfaces with terminal software
  • DC supply voltage: 12V
  • Communication channel: up to 50V (AC or DC)
  • Dimensions: 101 x 64 mm

More info: Microsemi | Ariane Controls