Panasonic Selects Altera Arria GX FPGAs for P2 Drive

Panasonic selected Altera’s Arria GX FPGAs, PCI Express (PCIe) MegaCore IP and Nios II processor solution for their AJ-PCD35, five-slot P2 (tapeless format) memory-card drive. Panasonic’s new memory drive, which uses the PCIe interface, provides video access from P2 cards to nonlinear editing systems by simultaneously transferring data from multiple memory cards, a dramatic increase in transfer speed compared to traditional drives. By having immediate access to content from up to five cards, Panasonic’s AJ-PCD35 enables professional broadcasters to increase the quantity and quality of their stories and still make their deadlines. Altera’s Arria GX FPGAs provide an optimal CardBus to PCIe bridging solution for fast transfer of high-definition video content from the P2 memory cards to the editing equipment. The Nios II processor’s flexibility allows five P2 slots, thus increasing data-storage capabilities.

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