MathStar Field Programmable Object Array Webcast

MathStar has a webcast about its 1 GHz Field Programmable Object Array (FPOA), which is a reprogrammable device offering up to four times the performance of FPGAs. The webinar, which is available on-demand, will show the advantages of FPOAs in image processing applications such as flat field error correction, edge detection, two dimensional filters and two dimensional transforms. Examples of each will be discussed including performance benchmarks and resource requirements.

The presentation will also show how MathStar’s 1 GHz Field Programmable Object Array (FPOA) can be used to implement a variety of high performance image processing algorithms at up to four times the performance of FPGAs at a much lower cost. Here is what you will learn during the event:

  • The basics of the FPOA architecture
  • The performance benefits of an FPOA in image processing
  • How to implement basic image processing blocks in the FPOA

Who should attend:

  • Anyone seeking performance beyond current FPGAs
  • Designers who need to accelerate certain functions of their system
  • ASIC designers and designers using high-performance FPGAs
  • Designers of complex, high-performance systems
  • System architects
  • Engineering or technical managers
  • Anyone with an interest in programmable logic design

More info:
» Image Processing at 1 GHz with the Field Programmable Object Array (FPOA) Architecture