QuickLogic’s Boot from Managed NAND

QuickLogic(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:QUIK), the lowest power programmable solutions leader, announced a revolutionary solution that enables the application processors in mobile products to boot directly from Managed NAND devices and memory cards, eliminating the need for NOR flash and thus reducing BOM cost and PCB area. The solution is a unique combination of QuickLogic’s proven SDIO host controller and additional intellectual property that performs the boot sequencing function.

Managed NAND is an emerging trend in Flash storage technology that integrates both NAND flash memory and a controller device that handles the complexities of error-correction (ECC) and other vendor-specific housekeeping operations associated with using the memory. By handling these complexities on the Managed NAND device itself, the mobile products’ application processor can focus on running the operating system and software applications. This new capability will become especially important as NAND flash devices reduce cost and increase capacity by moving to multi-level cell (MLC) designs.

Managed NAND also provides a simplified and standardized interface to the memory that allows QuickLogic’s solution to help reduce BOM cost by expanding competitive supply options, allowing companies to ‘mix and match’ memory from different vendors.

QuickLogic’s boot from Managed NAND solution is available now with boot software support for Linux and Windows(R) CE operating systems. The solution can be implemented in QuickLogic’s PolarPro(TM) and Eclipse(TM) II technology as well as in the programmable fabric of the company’s ArcticLink(TM) solution platform. The Managed NAND solution will price for as little as $1.20 in high volume depending on the platform used. For more details contact QuickLogic Sales.

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