Ambric Am2045 GT Video Reference Platform

Ambric®, Inc. and MainConcept have collaborated to accelerate high definition video compression. The collaboration has produced an Ambric Am2045 GT(TM) video reference platform that is integrated with MainConcept’s unique hardware-acceleration software development kit (SDK). The Ambric reference platform is based on Ambric’s Am2045(TM), a TeraOPS-class, massively parallel processor array (MPPA) device with 336 RISC processors. The video reference platform is available on Windows® XP and on Apple® Mac OS® X Leopard.

Ambric’s acceleration hardware reference platform with MainConcept encoder engines has already been integrated into advanced, high-definition video-processing products and software from Ambric’s OEM customers Pyro AV and Sorenson Media. Ambric also worked closely with Adobe to transparently integrate the accelerator with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Adobe After Effects to dramatically speed encoded export, within the familiar Adobe user interface and workflow. The accelerator also speeds compression for the newest H.264-based Adobe Flash® video standard. These video-processing products will dramatically increase the productivity of the more than one million users of professional and prosumer video editing, effects, and authoring software.

More information: Ambric, Inc. | MainConcept