Magma, eASIC Structured ASIC Seminar

Magma Design Automation is offering a seminar, titled “Using eASIC’s Structured ASIC Technology and Magma’s Blast Flow to Cut ASIC Production Costs, Time.” The TechTalks event will take place on Tuesday, August 14th, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

In the seminar, eASIC will describe the Blast Create SA and Blast Fusion design flow used for implementing single chip customized embedded systems containing soft 32-bit processors, such as ARM926EJ and OpenCores OpenRISC1200. Topics include clock generation, memory placement, I/O assignment, pre-synthesis design rule checking, synthesis, placement, optimization, routing and verification. Attendees will learn how customers from a variety of vertical markets including telecom, consumer electronics, wire and wireless infrastructure, video/imaging/surveillance, medical and industrial equipment, and automotive, are using eASIC’s Structured ASICs to cut production costs and speed time to market.

Here’s more info from Magma:

As ASIC designs move into the deep-submicron domain, timing, power and signal integrity issues become more complex. Increasing ASIC mask costs require customers to engage in extensive and expensive verification. Large non-recurring expenses, long turnaround times and minimum order quantities, along with the inability to prototype, have always plagued ASICs. FPGAs address some of these problems, but an alternative to ASICs and FPGAs is needed. eASIC’s breakthrough Structured ASIC (SA) technology delivers “zero mask charge” custom SoC and platform-based designs in as little as four weeks after tapeout.

Magma’s Blast Create SA and Blast Fusion provide a completely integrated RTL-to-GDSII flow for eASIC’s revolutionary architecture. Blast Create SA automatically imports all of eASIC’s SA logic and physical cell libraries and creates a floorplan that subsequently drives the entire implementation process. Blast Fusion combines Magma’s industry-leading physical design technologies with eASIC’s SA-based structure-specific optimizations, providing better quality of results and higher predictability than point-tool SA design solutions.

Free lunch and Space Shuttle rides will be included. Please bring your own space suit.

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» Using eASIC’s Structured ASIC Technology and Magma’s Blast Flow to Cut ASIC Production Costs, Time