Lattice Semiconductor Introduces Sony IMX136 Image Sensor Bridge

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the Sony IMX136 image sensor bridge. The new image sensor bridge design utilizes the low power, low cost Lattice MachXO2 PLD (programmable logic device) to interface to the Sony IMX136 image sensor. The Sony IMX136 image sensor bridge design helps engineers to quickly introduce cameras based on the Sony IMX136. The image sensor bridge design is available now for download, and the MachXO2-1200 PLD is in full production.

Lattice Semiconductor Sony IMX136 image sensor bridge

The Sony IMX136 image sensor bridge enables an ISP (Image Signal Processor) with a CMOS parallel interface bus to connect to the Sony IMX136. The Lattice MachXO2-1200 device interfaces directly to the sub-LVDS I/Os of the Sony IMX136, and no external discrete components are required. The image sensor bridge application can support full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second with a 12-bit ISP interface. The design code in the MachXO2 device can also be modified easily to accommodate support for the full 1080p120 capability of the Sony IMX136 for customers who need this functionality.

Traditional CMOS parallel interface cannot handle the bandwidth requirements of Sony’s IMX136 sensors, which support resolutions up to 1080P. To support the higher bandwidth needs of the IMX136 sensors, Sony utilizes a parallel DDR sub-LVDS interface. The 12-bit parallel sub-LVDS DDR interface can operate up to 297Mpbs to support 1080p120 resolution. To support up to 1080p60 resolution requires 148Mbps interface speeds. Lattice’s reference design converts the sub-LVDS DDR parallel format to a CMOS parallel format to interface the IMX136 to a CMOS parallel bus ISP. The Lattice MachXO2-1200 is an efficient and cost-effective solution for bridging parallel sub-LVDS.

Lattice’s image sensor bridge reference design is ideal for surveillance and industrial cameras.

More info: Lattice Semiconductor Corporation