Lattice SERDES FPGA for Less Than $10

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) announced price points for some of their FPGAs. Production volume prices have been reduced to as low as $9.95 for the 20K Look-Up-Table (LUT) LatticeECP2M-20, substantially below those of competitive SERDES-capable FPGAs and cracking the $10.00 price barrier for the first time.

Lattice is able to offer more aggressive prices and performance enhancements for the LatticeECP2M FPGAs as the first two family members (20K and 35K LUTs) are moved into production. The remaining three family members (50K, 70K and 100K LUTs) will be released to volume production over the next 60 days.

Lattice and its 90nm foundry partner, Fujitsu, have worked together to optimize product yields on the LatticeECP2M product family manufactured on Fujitsu’s 300mm wafer fabrication line. Yield expectations for the initial devices have been surpassed at both wafer level testing and finished goods testing. These enhanced yields translate directly into lower product costs, which are helping to drive the price reductions being announced today.

The latest performance enhancements are the result of the completion of performance characterization of the first devices, as well as the more efficient logic map, place and route functions demonstrated by the ispLEVER design tools. These enhancements further improve the devices’ best-in-class performance in the low-cost FPGA space. Many basic logic functions have now been demonstrated to perform at faster rates than originally specified. For example, 32-bit decoders are 30% faster, 64-bit adders are 22% faster and 16-bit counters are 7% faster. These faster timing specifications and algorithms are incorporated into ispLEVER Version 7.0.

Representative prices for production volumes (100K pieces or more) purchased directly from Lattice by its customers for delivery in 2008 start at $9.95 for the 20K LUT LatticeECP2M-20E-5FN256C in the 256 ball fine pitch Ball Grid Array (fpBGA) package and $46.95 for the 70K LUT LatticeECP2M-70E-5FN900C in the 900 fpBGA package.

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