Lattice Released iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA in Volume Production

Lattice Semiconductor's iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA family

Eight devices in the Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA family have been fully qualified and released into volume production. The low power LP640, LP1K, LP4K and LP8K devices, and the higher performance HX640, HX1K, HX4K and HX8K devices have been production released with 17 different device/package combinations.

Lattice iCE40 “Los Angeles” mobileFPGA in Volume Production

LP Series (Low Power) HX Series (High Performance)
Features LP640 LP1K LP4K LP8K HX640 HX1K HX4K HX8K
Logic Cells 640 1,280 3,520 7680 640 1,280 3,520 7680
Embedded RAM Bits 32K 64K 80K 128K 32K 64K 80K 128K
Phase-Locked Loops 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2
Typical Core Current @ 0 KHz 35 µA 40 µA 140 µA 160 µA 200 µA 267 µA 267 µA 1100 µA

The iCE40 mobileFPGA family are fabricated on non-volatile 40nm technology. The devices follow Lattice’s 65nm iCE65 family that has already been adopted by large consumer electronics OEMs who have taken advantage of its flexibility, low power, low cost and small footprint to quickly create new and innovative consumer products within ever shrinking development cycles.

Engineers can easily evaluate and adopt non-volatile iCE40 technology with two new iCEblink Development Kits. The iCEblink40-HX (higher performance) Development Kit features an iCE40HX1K-VQ100 device. The iCEblink40-LP (low power) Development Kit includes an iCE40LP1K-QN84 device. Both devices offer 1280 look up tables of logic, 64K bits of on-chip memory, and 67 user I/O. The USB-powered iCEblink40 Development Kits include 1Mbit of SPI Flash memory, capacitive touch buttons, LEDs and access to all user I/O.

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