Xilinx Automotive Targeted Design Platforms

Xilinx introduced three automotive Targeted Design Platforms: Driver Assistance Surround View, Driver Information Hybrid Instrument Cluster, and Infotainment Companion Chip (CC). The platforms help automotive system designers to use Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for driver assistance, driver information, and infotainment systems. The Xilinx Automotive (XA) Spartan-6 FPGA platforms reduce development risk and enable engineers to focus on customization and product differentiation.

Xilinx Automotive Targeted Design Platforms

  • Driver Assistance Surround View Targeted Design Platform
    A platform for processing multiple camera inputs, where four cameras can be used for a surround view system, or decoupled into multiple systems including rear view parking and blind spot detection. Different applications can be programmed into the same device. Based on the Xilinx SP605 development board, the platform showcases how designers can integrate multiple key platform components. Along with the FPGA development board, a separate FMC daughter card deserializes the data from the four cameras. The megapixel sensors and boards are supplied by OmniVision, the SuperFisheye lens by Sunex, FPD-Link III LVDS serializer/deserializer chips by National Semiconductor, and the IP and daughter card are available from Xylon.

  • Driver Information Hybrid Instrument Cluster Targeted Design Platform with Integrated Heads-up Display (HUD)
    Developed with Xylon, this platform leverages the high-bandwidth memory, high-speed I/O capabilities, and flexibility of Spartan-6 FPGAs to support highquality graphics for a variety of displays. The logiCRAFT 6 Development Board provides many of the features required in emerging infotainment and driver information applications. The associated fully functional reference design includes stepper motor gauge control, dual TFT displays (including the HUD), and a rear view camera input.

  • Infotainment Companion Chip (CC) Development Platform
    Available as a complete kit through Xylon (logiCRAFT 6 CC), the platform demonstrates the flexibility of pairing XA Spartan-6 FPGAs with popular infotainment host processors. Central to this platform architecture is the abstraction of host processor interfacing from application specific peripheral or connectivity extensions. This enables the processor and associated host interface type to be quickly changed without a companion chip system redesign. Xylon provides complete host interface controllers for popular standards such as PCI Express. Designers can then use standard Xilinx Embedded Development Kit tools to add connectivity and co-processing blocks to their application. The demo includes a rapid change from a USB to a PCIe interface while running typical infotainment peripheral functions.

The logiCRAFT-CC Companion Chip Kit is available now from Xylon for 1,495 euro. The logiCRAFT 6 board is also available now from Xylon for 1,295 euro. The SP605 board for the Surround View TDP is available from Xilinx for $495, daughtercard and IP are available from Xylon, development boards from OmniVision, the SuperFisheye lenses from Sunex, and FPD-Link III LVDS serializer/deserializer chips are from National Semiconductor.

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