Mentor Precision Advanced RTL Supports Achronix Speedster22i FPGAs

Mentor Graphics will provide advanced synthesis support for Achronix Semiconductor’s Speedster22i Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Mentor Graphics will work closely with Achronix to ensure fully-optimized physical synthesis support for the FPGA devices. The Achronix Speedster22i is a cost-effective, high performance, high density, and IP-rich FPGA. It is based on Intel’s 22nm process technology.

Mentor Graphics Precision Advanced RTL Achronix Edition Features

  • Provides logic synthesis for the Speedster22i
  • Enables engineers to quickly implement complex designs
  • Works in conjunction with the 4th generation Achronix CAD Environment (ACE 4.0) tool set
  • Supports mixed language (VHDL and Verilog) and SystemVerilog
  • Automatic incremental synthesis reduces the design cycle time even more
  • Assured synthesis mode and safer finite state machine (FSM) capabilities
  • Safer FSM mode automatically infers a fault tolerant implementation, where a single event upset (SEU) will not interrupt FSM operation
  • Assured synthesis mode ensures the synthesized design can be formally verified as is commonly required in safety compliance standards (DO-254)
  • First EDA tool to offer physical synthesis support for 22nm Speedster22i FPGA platform

More info: Achronix Semiconductor