Timesys LinuxLink for Xilinx Virtex-4 FX FPGA

Timesys Corporation is offering Linux support for the Virtex-4 FX FPGAs from Xilinx (Nasdaq: XLNX). The support will be via LinuxLink, which is a service that enables developers to assemble their own customized embedded Linux platforms. Additional support for other Xilinx FPGAs will be available in the coming months. With LinuxLink, designers have access to a variety of Linux components optimized for the Xilinx ML405 FX Evaluation Platform — including the latest 2.6.23 Linux kernel, hundreds of packages pre-compiled for use with Virtex-4 FX devices, and a reference distribution that provides an integrated and tested starting point for platform customization. The LinuxLink subscription also includes toolchains and a collection of development tools, as well as extensive documentation and support.

With LinuxLink, developers can roll their own software platform rather than purchase a commercial distribution. LinuxLink is a web-based software subscription that allows engineers to:

  • Reduce development schedules
  • Tap into innovation of the open source community
  • Download Linux content from a trusted source
  • Access Linux components that are already pre-compiled for the target board
  • Eliminate the risk associated with not having someone to turn to for support

Each LinuxLink subscription includes:

  • Linux Platform
    LinuxLink subscribers get access to a variety of Linux components through the LinuxLink web site:

    • The latest Linux kernel that is optimized for Xilinx, including integrated device drivers
    • A complete initial root filesystem to use as a starting point for testing and development
    • Hundreds of packages, pre-compiled for Xilinx boards, to customize the target platform
    • Both glibc and uClibc toolchains, along with TimeSys utilities to make cross-compilation easy
  • TimeStorm Suite of Integrated Tools
    TimeStorm is an Eclipse-based IDE designed specifically for embedded Linux development. It brings point and click simplicity to:

    • Root filesystem customization
    • Kernel configuration
    • Testing and Profiling
    • Debugging

More info: Timesys LinuxLink for Xilinx Platform