Actel Libero Integrated Design Environment v8.6

Actel announced version 8.6 of the Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE v8.6). Libero IDE v8.6 includes upgraded power analysis using the SmartPower tool and post-layout probe insertion for device debug. SmartPower v8.6 features a new design analysis algorithm that provides a quick and accurate method for performing power analysis without having to utilize the traditional Value Change Dump (VCD) file. A new I/O Advisor identifies and suggests an I/O configuration that provides the least power consumption while meeting timing constraints. In addition, a new post-layout probe insertion feature enables designers to bring signals out to package pins for observation without needing to instrument within the design RTL and go through the synthesis flow.

The Actel Libero IDE Gold edition is available on Windows XP or Vista free of charge. The Actel Libero IDE 8.6 Platinum edition is available on Windows and Linux platforms for $2495. All editions are one-year renewable licenses.

Libero v8.6 IDE New Features

  • Designer Post-Layout Probe Insertion
  • SmartPower
    • Vectorless Estimation
    • I/O Advisor
    • Activity Coverage
    • IGLOO Worst-Case Static Current
  • Firmware Catalog
  • SmartDesign Enhancements
  • SmartTime – IGLOO PLUS Updated Timing
  • Enhanced STAPL Generation
  • FlashPro v8.6
    • I/O Settings During Programming
    • Database Support for Non-Actel Devices
    • Setting Unselected Devices in Chain into High Impedance During Programming
  • SoftConsole v2.3
  • Fusion eNVM Absolute Addressing
  • New Device Packages, Device Support, and Device Changes
  • Programming File Generation

More information: Actel Libero IDE