Synplicity-Lattice ESL Synthesis Flow for DSP Design

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) and Synplicity, Inc. (NASDAQ:SYNP) are teaming together to create a highly optimized, non-proprietary ESL synthesis flow for DSP design. Synplicity’s Synplify® DSP software now supports the LatticeECP2M(TM) and LatticeXP2(TM) Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices. The result is a solution for DSP algorithm implementation in aerospace, wireless, telecom, and digital multimedia applications.

The Synplify DSP software offers high-level modeling and hardware abstraction, constraint-driven algorithm synthesis into RTL and powerful system-wide optimizations for performance, area and multi-channelization tradeoff exploration. The combination of Synplify DSP and Lattice FPGA architectures helps designers capture multi-rate DSP algorithms quickly and easily. Designers can perform architectural exploration across multiple Lattice devices and create algorithmic IP that is highly portable and reusable, so users can easily map their DSP algorithms into any computing platform.

The Synplify-Lattice partnership will result in benefits for the implementation of DSP algorithms into silicon. With M-Control fully integrated into the Synplify DSP library and The MathWorks Simulink environment, data type and sample rate inheritance and propagation are fully supported. M-Control features inline debugging for supporting breakpoints and stepping into the M code. These features greatly simplify the specification and verification of control functionality that is often integrated into DSP algorithms. In addition, designers can use the comprehensive IP library of industry-standard functional blocks, such as FFTs, Viterbi decoders, DDS and CORDIC math functions, to create designs rapidly in application-specific domains.

Synplify DSP is also well suited for wireless algorithm design, so Lattice users can develop FPGA-based applications for digital RF/IF processing, FEC (forward error correction) and digital multimedia (audio and video) encryption, as well as high-performance computing. Vector support in Synplify DSP dramatically reduces the effort needed to create multi-channel wireless algorithms and multi-antenna algorithms such as MIMO, video, radar and security applications. These features enable customers to rapidly describe, verify and implement complex wireless algorithms (such as WiMAX, 802.11 a/b/g/n and DVB standards) into hardware devices.

For high-performance DSP applications, Lattice devices provide up to a 50% performance and 75% logic utilization improvement over other solutions when implementing common DSP functions. Through advanced 90nm silicon technology, an optimized architecture and proprietary circuit design, Lattice devices reduce total solution costs by up to 30-50% compared to other FPGA solutions.

Synplify DSP will support for Lattice devices is available now. Pricing starts at $9,950.

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