TurboConcept 3GPP-LTE CTC Decoder IP Core for Lattice Devices

A 3GPP-Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Convolutional Turbo Code (CTC) Decoder intellectual property (IP) core from TurboConcept is now available. The IP core is targeted for the LatticeSC and LatticeSCM (collectively, “LatticeSC/M”) as well as the LatticeECP2 and LatticeECP2M (collectively, “LatticeECP2/M”) devices. This core is available now for the LatticeSC/M and LatticeECP2/M FPGA devices in netlist format for immediate purchase from TurboConcept.

TurboConcept has ported, optimized and tested the TC7000 – LTE, supporting all turbo code modes specified in the 3GPP-Long Term Evolution physical layer. The core is available with several distinct throughputs, ranging from 40 to 150+ Mbits/s payload bit rate. TurboConcept offers a variety of additional packaging and licensing options to suit specific customer needs. By leveraging partner IP products, customers can quickly implement a wide variety of functions in Lattice programmable devices.

TurboConcept is a member of the ispLeverCORE Connection IP partners program. Through the program, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) and TurboConcept can provide complete system solutions for mutual wireless customers who are integrating system-level IP with the most advanced FPGA silicon architectures. The ispLeverCORE Connection program allows customers to access and integrate approved third-party IP products easily into Lattice programmable devices.

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