Power 2 You: A Guide to Power Supply Management and Control

The Power 2 You book features 150 pages of technical details and design considerations for implementing common circuit board power management functions. The book helps designers reduce board design cost and complexity. Power 2 You provides in-depth discussions of the technical details and design challenges for all common power management functions, and examines programmable design solutions that can be modified using software. The book was written by Srirama (“Shyam”) Chandra. the publication is free and is available in eBook form or as a hard copy.

Power 2 You book by Srirama Chandra ~ Lattice Semiconductor

Power 2 You Topics

  • Reset Generators and Supervisors
  • Power Supply Sequencing
  • Hot-swap Controllers
  • Power Supply ORing Controllers
  • Power Feed Controllers
  • Margining and Trimming

Modern circuit boards use VLSIs such as CPUs, FPGAs and ASICs to perform the primary processing functions. These VLSIs require multiple board-mounted supplies that should be turned on in a specific sequence, monitored for faults and trimmed for voltage accuracy. In addition, the input power to the board requires redundant power management and a hot-swap function for plug-in boards. All the functions that control various power rails comprise board power management.

Designers have traditionally implemented each of these functions using a unique set of single function ICs and their associated passive components. To select these components, a designer must refer to multiple application notes and datasheets from various vendors. Given the complexity of modern circuit boards, this approach to power management has become unwieldy and time consuming.

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