Lattice MachXO Mini Development Kit

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the MachXO Mini Development Kit. The kit is ideal for prototyping high volume, cost sensitive low density applications. The mini evaluation board can be powered up and programmed using a standard USB cable. The MachXO Mini Development Kit includes a USB cable for device programming and quickstart documentation. The MachXO PLD family is used in a variety of end markets — such as consumer, automotive, communications, computing, industrial, and medical. Promotional pricing for the MachXO Mini Development Kit is $59 and is good for kits shipped through April 30, 2009.

The MachXO Mini Development Kit features the MachXO LCMXO2280 device, 1Mb SPI Flash and 1Mb SRAM memory, a temperature sensor, an expansion header for I2C and SPI interfaces, and several LEDs and user switches. Using the preloaded designs provided with the development kit, designers can now test within minutes I2C, SPI and UART interfaces in addition to the 8-bit LatticeMico8 microcontroller and low power sleep mode functionality. Designers can then build their own designs using the free downloadable reference design source codes, implementing these features in less than an hour.

MachXO Mini Development Kit

  • MachXO Mini Evaluation Board
  • MachXO PLD: LCMXO2280C-4TN144C
  • 2 Mbit SPI Flash Memory
  • 1 Mbit SRAM
  • I2C Temperature Sensor
  • USB mini jack sockets for power, JTAG programming, and RS-232 debugging
  • 2X16 header for off-board expansion provides access to top and right side MachXO banks
  • Push buttons for sleep mode and reset
  • 4-bit DIP switch to user-defined inputs
  • ADC/DAC circuit
  • Sleep circuit
  • 8 LEDs for user-defined outputs
  • RoHS-compliant packaging and process
  • Two USB connector cables
  • QuickSTART Guide

More info: Lattice Semiconductor