Lattice Diamond Design Software for FPGA Devices

Lattice Semiconductor launched their Lattice Diamond FPGA design software for Lattice FPGA products. Lattice Diamond software is a set of tools, efficient design flows and modern user interface that enables designers to more quickly target low power, cost sensitive FPGA applications. The Diamond software allows designers to efficiently manage multiple implementations in one project. Diamond features an accurate power calculator, simultaneous switching output noise calculator, and the MAP and PAR FPGA implementation algorithms. The Lattice Diamond software is available now for download for both Windows and Linux.

Lattice Diamond Design Software Highlights

  • Allow the mixing of Verilog, VHDL, EDIF, and schematic sources
  • Through Implementations, allow multiple versions of a design within a single project for easy design exploration
  • Strategies allow implementation recipes to be applied to any implementation within a project or shared between projects
  • Manage and choose files for constraints, timing analysis, power calculation, and hardware debug
  • Run Manager view allows parallel processing of multiple implementations in order to explore design alternatives for the best results
  • Analyze designs with HDL code checking
  • Speed common functions with ECO Editor and Programmer
  • Easy design export to simulators
  • Reveal Hardware Debugger uses a signal-centric model that allows easy insertion of embedded logic analyzer debug hardware for real-time analysis
  • Power Calculator uses highly accurate data models along with a data driven power model to provide power estimation and calculation results, graphical power displays, and reports
  • IPexpress provides the interface to the Lattice catalog of modules and intellectual property (IP) optimized for Lattice devices

Lattice Diamond software can be used with either the Diamond free license or the Diamond subscription license. The Diamond free license can be immediately generated upon request from the Lattice website and provides access to many Lattice devices such as the MachXO PLD family, the LatticeXP2 FPGA family and the LatticeECP2 FPGA family at no cost. The Diamond free license also enables Synopsys Synplify Pro for Lattice synthesis and Aldec Lattice Web Edition II simulation software. The Diamond subscription license adds support for all Lattice FPGAs, including the latest LatticeECP3 devices. It enables Synopsys Synplify Pro for Lattice synthesis and the Aldec Lattice Edition II mixed language simulator for increased capacity and performance. The Diamond subscription license enables both the new Diamond software and existing ispLEVER software from a single license. The Diamond subscription license price is $895 per year. All Lattice ispLEVER software users under active maintenance agreements will receive a Diamond subscription license for no charge that will expire one year from the Lattice Diamond 1.0 release date.

More info: Lattice Diamond Design Software