Micrium Ports uC/OS-II, uC/OS-III, uC/TCP-IP to Actel SmartFusion FPGA

Micrium has ported their uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III kernels and uC/TCP-IP stack to Actel’s SmartFusion intelligent mixed-signal FPGA. Micrium’s uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III are fully featured kernels designed for embedded systems. SmartFusion combines three programmable elements: logic, a microcontroller subsystem, and analog. Actel’s FlashLock technology provides a high level of intellectual property security.

Micrium’s RTOS family is ideal for the ARM Cortex-M3 based 32-bit applications targeted by Actel’s SmartFusion family, including industrial, military, medical, communications and more. Micrium’s uC/Probe embedded system monitoring tool also supports SmartFusion devices, providing design engineers the ability to “see” into the internals of their running embedded system in real time. Evaluation versions of Micrium middleware are available for use with SmartFusion evaluation and development kits, allowing customers to immediately use SmartFusion devices and Micrium’s uC/OS-II, uC/OS-III, uC/TCP-IP, and uC/Probe.

SmartFusion devices allow designers to enhance their embedded systems with full featured FPGA and analog circuitry which is unique in the industry. Applications can be better targeted by optimizing the design partitioning between hardware (FPGA) and software (microcontroller) and creating only the peripherals needed in that system. SmartFusion devices offer embedded designers increase flexibility, improve protection of intellectual property, and the ability to reprogram on the fly.

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