Industrial Ethernet IP Cores for Altera FPGA

Altera (NASDAQ: ALTR) announced intellectual property (IP) cores for Ethernet communications protocols used in industrial automation applications can now be implemented on Altera’s low-cost Cyclone(R) series FPGAs. The protocols supported include ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus-IDA, EtherCAT, SERCOS III Interface, and Ethernet Powerlink.

The Industrial Ethernet IP cores enable designers to implement any of the standards on a single board. This not only reduces form factor but saves time. System OEMs can now add industry-standard networking capabilities to their automation products cost-effectively while retaining FPGA reprogrammable design flexibility in their systems.

One of Altera’s IP partners, IXXAT is offering an industrial Ethernet development kit for Cyclone FPGA-based designs. The kit consists of a Cyclone-based reference design and evaluation board, schematics and executables for the FPGA bitstream, including a protocol stack, MAC, TCP/IP stack, interface application and a host application program interface (API) in source code.

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