Xilinx ISE Design Suite v13

Xilinx introduced ISE Design Suite ISE v13. The latest version features accelerated verification, AMBA4 AXI4 (Advanced Extensible Interface) bus functional simulation models, plug-and-play IP with IP-XACT support and a new team design methodology that reduces design time. The enhancements improve productivity across SoC design teams and progression towards true plug-and-play IP that targets Spartan-6, Virtex-6 and 7 series FPGAs. ISE Design Suite 13 is available now for all ISE Editions. Prices start at $2,995 for the Logic Edition. A free 30-day evaluation version is also available for download.

Xilinx ISE Design Suite 13 Features

Accelerated Verification
With real-time simulation, verification engineers can test implemented blocks of the design while leaving other blocks that are still under development in the simulator accelerating overall verification by up to 100 times faster than native simulation. Design teams can accelerate simulation runs from hours to minutes.

New Team Design Methodology
The new team design flow provides a methodology for group of engineers to work in parallel on a single project. The team design flow enables early implementation results on completed portions of the design to be locked down without having to wait for the rest of the design team.

Plug-and-play IP with IP-XACT Support
ISE Design Suite 13 suite supports new open standards that reduces design creation times by easing development with Xilinx and third party IP. A configuration option to the AXI interconnect results in a 50% reduction in the interconnect silicon footprint using sparsely connected AXI4 interconnect.

AMBA4 AXI4 Models
An IEEE P1735 compliant simulation model for the AXI BFMs supporting AXI3 or AXI4 protocol is available for simulation interoperability with major third party simulators. The new optional AXI4 bus functional model can be added to verification test benches to drive simulations and to validate interconnect logic of customer supplied IP.

New Documentation Navigator
The new Xilinx Documentation Navigator improves documentation management, including viewing, discovering, searching, and downloading. Xilinx FPGA device, software, boards and targeted reference design documentation can be accessed in a single environment.

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