Sarance FPGA IIPC for Netronome NFP-32xx Network Flow Processors

Sarance Technologies introduced a NFP compatible FPGA IIPC product for Netronome’s NFP-32xx family of Network Flow Processors. The solution uses Sarance’s Interlaken IP Core (IIPC) products for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and provides a risk free solution for system developers using the NFP. An FPGA based IIPC compatible with the NXP is available as a soft core for Virtex-5 LXT, FXT and TXT FPGAs. The IIPC is also available for ASIC implementations. It has been implemented and validated in 65nm and 40nm process technologies. The IP is delivered as a netlist targeted for the specific FPGA architecture, or as RTL code that can be implemented in any ASIC process technology.

More information: Sarance Technologies