Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis Precise-IP for FPGA Design

Precise-IP is a vendor-independent IP (Intellectual Property) platform that is part of the Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis product line. The platform includes vendor-independent configurable IP from Mentor Graphics and links to categorized third-party IP from leading vendors. The third-party IP was certified by the respective IP vendor to ensure high quality of results with the Precision Synthesis technology. Non-proprietary, commercial IP that is vendor independent gives FPGA designers the freedom to select the device that delivers the best results.

The Precise-IP platform contains a library of configurable IP for use with the Precision Synthesis solution. The easy-to-use wizard creates frequently used synthesizable IP based on user parameter settings. The configuration parameters are then validated by a self-checking GUI to ensure configuration conformance. The IP cores are optimized for best quality of results (QoR) across FPGA families.

A comprehensive catalog of complex cores (such as processors, interface controllers, and application-specific cores) are provided by leading IP vendors and available for multiple FPGA families. Vendors include ARC, ARM, Aeroflex Gaisler, CAST, Eureka Technology, Helion, IPextreme, Innovative Logic, and OptNgn. Mentor Graphics continues to add new configurable IP and new partners to expand its catalog of supported cores.

With Precision Synthesis’ Precise-IP platform, designers can easily create widely used IP and find high-quality cores from leading IP vendors, thus retaining the flexibility to retarget their designs to different FPGA silicon as the need arises. The Precise-IP platform is available within the Precision Synthesis product. The Precision Synthesis product line is the center of Mentor Graphics FPGA flow, which is a vendor-independent solution for FPGA design.

More information: Mentor Graphics Precision Precise-IP