Xilinx Showcases Intel QuickPath Interconnect for FPGA Devices

At the Intel Developer Forum, Xilinx demonstrated the Intel QuickPath Interconnect (Intel QPI) technology for enabling the integration of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in high performance computing applications. Xilinx showed how Virtex FPGA devices can support the low latency and memory coherency benefits of Intel QPI when paired with Intel Xeon processors in HPC systems.

Xilinx FPGAs support a multitude of high speed parallel and serial connectivity standards and when applied as co-processors can significantly accelerate high performance scientific, oil and gas, financial, aerospace and defense, communications, networking, and life sciences computing applications. Utilizing Intel server platforms and Intel QPI gives customers the highest performance and flexibility to accelerate their HPC application workloads.

Xilinx worked with Intel to deliver a solution that supports the Intel QPI protocol. Xilinx FPGAs simultaneously leverage the FPGA processing power and the improved bandwidth, latency and coherency capabilities of Intel QPI to enable more advanced accelerator subsystems in next generation HPC systems. Engineers can take advantage of the features of Intel QPI technology in high performance computing applications where FPGAs can significantly improve performance per watt per dollar.

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